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As parents, we at Little Hiccups know that it is hard raising a child. We also know that raising a child with additional needs is much harder. There are extra financial worries, worries about health, worries about their education among many, many others anxieties. Parents of a child with a disability or SEN are often under prolonged periods of physical and emotional stress. Research shows that parents with disabled children have higher levels of stress and lower levels of wellbeing than parents with non-disabled children. A report published during Carers Week 2011 found that 75 per cent of carers, including parents with disabled children, had suffered ill health as a result of their caring work. Of these, 76 per cent had mental health problems, mainly depression, anxiety and stress.(*)

For these reasons, Little Hiccups hire a Counsellor to chat to our families if needed. For more information or how to book a session, please email

There is no cost. 

Criteria for applying for Counselling



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