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Strata - Upcoming Events

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Cycle Strata Event

When: August 21st

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John Swain
  Ian Harvey
Vernon Cunningham
  Mark Rosindale
Andrew Weaver



Dragon Boat Race

Where: Doncaster

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Nick Simpson
  Mathew Brennan
Scott Walsh
  Simon Hewitt
Scott Leadbeater
  Paul Wilkinson
Kayleigh Lowther
  Nadine Easton
Keith Wilson
  David Scorfield
David Clarkson
  Alistair Donaldson
Ryan Frost
  Ash Anderson
Karen Brewster
  Gemma Close

Charity Skydive

Are you ready to take the jump?

A tandem skydive is the best way to experience freefall without any extensive training, you simply need a short 20 minute briefing to explain what's going to happen and then you jump strapped to the front of a fully qualified instructor

If you or your family and friends would like to take part, please contact our team leader Aaron Godward.

Where: Hibaldstow, North Lincolnshire
18th June 2016

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Aaron Godward
  Karen Cole
Nigel Robson
  Simon Hewitt
Allan Napper
  Marisa Cookson
Kayleigh Lowther
  Nadine Easton
Paul Durkin
  David Scorfield
Paul Gordan
  Creative Farm

The Major Series 2016

We had so much fun wading through water and mud at the Major Series last year, we’ve decided to do it again. And we’re now asking our customers to join us to raise money for our Charity of the Year.

Registration for the event ends this Monday – the 29th February.

We are offering to pay half your registration fee and you’ll get a free T-shirt.  Please do get in touch and join us for one of the best obstacle races in the country!

What? Major Series
Where? Bramham Park, Leeds
When? Sunday 20th March 2016
Who? Brave friends of Strata, who aren’t afraid to get dirty! 
How? Email team leader Nigel at or call Strata on 01302 308508

Last year, a team of 36 took part in the event including Strata employees, friends, family and members of our supply chain. Together, we raised just under £8,000 for national charity When You Wish Upon a Star, granting wishes for children with life threatening illness.  This year we’re raising money for Little Hiccups, a Leeds-based support group for parents and families of children with special needs. You can read all about this amazing cause here. Please join us for some muddy fun in the park, and let’s raise thousands of pounds for Little Hiccups!

The Major's Northern event is held in the stately grounds of Bramham Park, near Leeds. The grand home sitting in the centre of the Estate is a sight to behold. However, the Major's troops are more interested in transforming the multitude of muddy bogs, thick woods and river crossings that surround it into the biggest and best course yet. As your legs run across muddy trenches, through cold-water lakes and wild terrain, your imagination will also run wild as you are immersed in each amazing obstacle zone. Rest assured, the Major’s hand-picked, 40-strong platoon of elite troops will be lining the course to support and guide you with a smile, yells of encouragement, and a helping hand along the way. Remember, this is the Major’s muddiest course, so strap those boots on tight!

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Paul Bradbury
  Lee Cardwell
Marcia Bradbury
  Carla Nogowsczyk
Fiona Bland
  Irina Natividade
Dean Palmer
  Adam Ahmed
Amanda Craven
  Jenny Wojciechowski
Gaz Bennett
  Julian Davis
Danielle Steel
  Karen Cole
Chris Smith
  Julie Huckerby
Georgia Steel
  Alison Markwell
Sarah Steel
  Hamid Jabbar
Vicky Webb
  Andrew Weaver
Aaron Godward
  Leonie Weaver
Dan Smith
  Johanna Haan
John England
  Jon Maloney
Nigel Robson
  Carolyn Miller
Paul Bone
  Hayley Scott
George Barnes
  Richard Steggals
Greg Cadman
  Josh Scott
Mike Barnett
  Jamie Kerner
Emma Aspland
  Julie Kerner
      Abi Griffin
      Helen Browne
      Sandra Stoch
      Alex Mahoney
      Sheena Jackson


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